Working families are doing their part. Shouldn't everyone?

In order for Maine to prosper, everyone needs to get a fair shot, and everyone needs to pay their fair share. Middle class and working families are doing their part, so why are those top are being asked to contribute less? That's just not right.

FAIR SHARE NOW is a campaign to change that. We're fighting for a state budget that ends special treatment for rich so we can finally pay for the things Maine needs.

Maine supports higher taxes on the rich

A recent Maine People's Resource Center poll found that 79 percent of Mainers favor requiring those who make over $250,000 per year to pay at least as high a combined state and local tax rate as the average Mainer.

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Local Resolutions

Towns all across the state will be hit hard by the LePage budget unless we let lawmakers in Augusta know that they need to find another way. Having your town pass a resolution calling on lawmakers to reject the LePage budget is the best way to get their attention. When every town in Maine rejects property tax increases to offset unfair tax breaks for the wealthy, Augusta will get the message.

Key: red pin = resolution pending; blue pin = resolution passed

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